This is the first News update of the year. I wish everybody a wonderful and happy New Year!

Christmas and New Year really hurt our traffic since we didn’t have figure news at all.

  • As of this moment, is ranked 158,380 (was 175,556 in Dec 2009). We are going back up a little but still not as good as half year ago which we always got in 100,000 once in awhile.
  • Right now, we have 4,385 registered user (4,125 in Dec 2009), 961 feed subscribers (839 in Dec 2009), and 466 email subscribers (437 in Dec 2009). User registration and email subscription are slowing down just like last month, but for some reason the feed subscription has a big hit. Maybe there is some error in the database?

Nekomagic Store:

  • It seems that we have to abandon the Nekomagic Store project. There is 2 main reasons.
    • 1) As I mentioned last month the wholesaler in Japan didn’t give us a break, so we can’t give out a good price for the customers that we were expected to.
    • 2) Recently Amiami is taking oversea order so there is no way we can bet their price.
  • For those 2 main reason above, we don’t see that we will attract any customers to buy stuff from us.
  • But the good thing is I (me, GGT, lol) still can get a good deal for my own purchase from the wholesaler, at around the price that Amiami offer but without that 700 yen register fee. =P
  • I can hook you up if you live in Vancouver, B.C. =D

Since we abandoned the Nekomagic Store project, I’ll have some free time to do other stuff now. Right now Nekomagic is doing PVC figure news mostly, so I’m thinking to start a GK site to do GK, something like Just thinking tho. But before that, I’ll need to finish the banner exchange program first.

Anyway, let’s see my purchase last month!

There are what I bought. As you know a lot of figures were delayed to December, so I had to cancal a lot of others.

Tako Luka!!! I love her a lot! But it sux that the chain of the smile face (the far left one) was broken when I received her in the mail. =/

Black Rock Shooter!! the box is huge!!! She was delayed countless times and finally she is here. She is the most expensive figure I have now.

World is mine Hatsune Miku. I haven’t open her up yet. I’m kinda scard since I heard a lot of bad thing about the quality of this figure. The QC of GSC is really bad.

S.H.F Cure Dream. Too bad I have to cancalled the Cure Aqua and the Cure Lemonade. =(

Wahaha, my farvrite Toro and Kuro!! =D

2P color Nanael. =]

Three BB Gundam. They’re not mine, I bought them for my friend.

Nendoroid Petit Vocaloid #01 trading figure! They were sold like hotcake. Luckily I can get the first release bunch. The re-released bunch were almost all gone too. You can still get them in Play-Asia here.

Ta-da!!! =D

A set of 10+1 secret+ 1 extra in a big box of 12. I got an extra Kagamine Lin btw.

The secret is Hachune Miku, and she is an action figure! =D

Now let’s see my most expensive figure, the Black Rock Shooter.

Since there are a lot of photo review of her on the internet already, I’m not gonna spend too many time on taking her photo.

She is really beautiful.

But the QC in GSC sux big time. See the finger paint on her right upper arm? =(

The flaming eye is so cool.

Look at that finger print!!! =(

Love love flat chest! And BRS is “flat like a pancake”. XD

The color on the scar is a joke. I will repaint it when I have time. =/

Now let’s see Hachune Miku in action! =D

Hachune & Toro: “Look! The black rock cannon is huge!”

Here coms our friends Toro! I should open up the Chirstmas version Toro and join them when I took this photo.

Little Toro: “Why me again?”