Hobby Japan (manufactured by Megahouse) is going to release the Excellent Model Core Steel Staff Ymir ( 鋼鉄参謀 ユーミル ) 2P color Ver. (2PカラーVer.) 1/8 PVC figure from “Queen’s Blade Rebellion” ( クイーンズブレイドリベリオン ), a spin off of Queen’s Blade. Will be released in March 2010. Around 190mm tall, 6,800 yen. Castoffable. Hobby Channel exclusive, only 1,500 piece will be available through lottery draw.

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What a 3 hit combo. It sux that this Ymir is Hobby Channel exclusive, and it sux big time that there will be only 1,500 pieces available, and it sux biggest time that you can only order her if you enter the lottery draw and win before January 24, 2010. =( For those who want to try your luck and enter the draw, you can enter here or click the banner above.

Well anyway, there is something I found that this 2P color version is different form the original color version. First, I think it’s just a misprint, but this 2P color one is 190mm tall and the original color one is only 180mm tall. Second thing is this 2P color comes with two facial expression which the original color one didn’t mention at all!!! I hope the original color version will comes with two facial expression too. (@@.

Oh, btw, here is a good news and bad news about the cast-off feature. The good news is you can fully take her clothes and skirt off, not like the original QB Ymir which you can only take the top and skirt off. The bad news is her pantsu is NOT castoffable…. OTL

And for those who are interested in the QB-R novel, you can click out Synergetic Beans blog. He did a good job on the translation of the QB-R novle. =D

Comes with two facial expression!