UART is going to release the Micro Pop Show 1st Ikkitousen SD Figure Kanu Unchou, Ryofu Housen Set ( 一騎当千 SDフィギュア 関羽雲長、呂布奉先セット ) PVC + Soft Vinyl figure from the manga/anime “Ikkitousen” ( 一騎当千 ). Will be released in January 2011. Kaun around 135mm tall (170mm including weapon), Ryofu around 140mm tall, 6,500 yen.

October 27, 2010: Updated with more info

Something cute and big coming from UART, this is their new Micro Pop Show series featuring Kanu Unchou and Ryofu Housen! They’re a lot bigger than I thought. At first I thought they were around 100mm tall like the regular Nendoroid, but in fact they’re around 140mm tall, about the size of a figma.

I don’t follow the Ikkitousen story closely, so I could be really wrong here. Isn’t Ryofu’s hair and eyes are supposed to be green? Did she come back alive and change the color? XD

Btw, the pastel blue makes me thing that she is some character designed by POP. =P

Update (Oct 27): Ooooh, we were right! These Ikkitousen figures are really designed by POP!!!! And 4 more of them are coming soon too!! But seems like UART wasn’t really able to recreate the POP’s style in these figures.

——Description from Manufacturer——

The first release in the new MICRO POP SHOW Series is here! MICRO POP SERIES is a new line from UART featuring a hybrid of PVC figures and Super-Deformed style!

The first set includes Kanu and Ryofu illustrated in a cute, super-deformed style! You can enjoy using the included option faces to change their expressions!

  • Kanu Unchou (関羽雲長)

  • Ryofu Housen ( 呂布奉先 )