Megahouse is going to release the Chara Fortune series Sakura Class Anzu and Hiiragi and Koume in Sakura Group ( さくら組の杏ちゃんと柊ちゃんと小梅ちゃん ) trading figure set form the manga/anime “Hanamaru Kindergarten” ( はなまる幼稚園 ). Will be released in July 2010. Each around 35mm tall, 1,580 yen for the whole set of 5 characters.

Here are the trading figure set from Hikaru no Go Hanamaru Kindergarten! I never buy any trading figure by Megahouse so I don’t know how they pack them. Usually trading figures comes in random or fixed ratio for each character in one big box. This time Megahouse packed all 5 characters as a set so you can just buy the whole set off the shelf. It’s great for those who want the whole set, but on the other hand if you’re out of luck if you want one or two characters for fun.

I never watch the Hanamaru Kindergarten anime but I love the manga a lot. The kids are really cute but I don’t feel like to waste my time on the anime for them. Yup, I like loli character but not this kind, lol. =P

  • Anzu ( 杏 )

  • Koume ( 小梅 )

  • Hiiragi ( 柊 )

  • Panda Neko ( ぱんだねこ )

  • Mecha Panda Neko ( メカぱんだねこ )

Hanamaru Kindergarten OP