SAMELAP is going to release the Purin-chan’s Daydream Act 1: Complete Set ( プリンちゃんディドリームACT1 フルセット ) 1/12 figures and bed set from the original "Purin-chan’s Daydream" series ( プリンちゃんディドリーム ) by SAMELAP. Will be released in September 2019. Figures are around 130mm tall; bed is around 170m long, 7,992 yen (taxed in). Native Store exclusive.

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Here comes "Purin-chan’s Daydream" series by the new manufacturer SAMELAP (! You can get this "Purin-chan’s Daydream Act 1" as a complete set with 2 figures + bed or just get the bed alone. For those of you who want to get them, you can pre-order them at the following links before July 08, 2019.

——Description from Manufacturer——

Let your fantasies take control!
All your perverse imagination could need.
This daydreamy girl won’t be sleeping soundly tonight!

Rin-chan is a cute and friendly girl with a vivid imagination.

She loves thinking about this world of endless possibilities.

But without any real intention, that active mind of hers took a very perverse turn…!

”Purin-chan’s Daydream" is a set that contains a miniature figure together with props and accessories to enact various salacious scenes!

You could use the standard bed, or select any of the wild and crazy interchangeable parts to create an even more precarious situation!

This Complete Set includes all of the parts you see here, allowing you both instant and indulgent play.

Click here to purchase the "Bed Set".

★ Pre-Order Bonus: Rui Usami Illustrated Postcard
★ Included: interchangeable body parts (head, torso, legs), bed (frame, mattress, leg extensions), sheets, pillows (2 types), tissue box, mechanical part 1, mechanical part 2, mechanical part 3 (2 x arms, 2 x bases), vibrators for arms (3 types), shackle restraints