SAMELAP is going to release the Purin-chan’s Daydream Act 1: Bed Set ( プリンちゃんディドリームACT1 フルセット ) 1/12 bed set from the original "Purin-chan’s Daydream" series ( プリンちゃんディドリーム ) by SAMELAP. Will be released in September 2019. Around 170m long, 4,968 yen (taxed in). Native Store exclusive.

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Here comes "Purin-chan’s Daydream" series by the new manufacturer SAMELAP (! You can get this "Purin-chan’s Daydream Act 1" as a complete set with 2 figures + bed or just get the bed alone. For those of you who want to get them, you can pre-order them at the following links before July 08, 2019.

——Description from Manufacturer——

Come midnight, this bed is a battlefield!

"Purin-chan’s Daydream" – a set of props and accessories you can play around with to create erotic scenes!

This bed-only version allows you to have even more fun creating all kinds of different scenarios. Have no fear, as some wild and crazy optional parts are also included. There’s no need to buy anything else to create a more intense scene either!

Of course, if "just the bed" is all you really need, this set makes it easy for you to get just what you want.

Click here to purchase the "Complete Set".

★ Pre-Order Bonus: Rui Usami Illustrated Postcard
★ Included: bed leg extension parts, sheets, pillows (2 types), tissue box, mechanical part 1, mechanical part 2, mechanical part 3 (2 x arms, 2 x bases), vibrators for arms (3 types), shackle restraints


**Figure is NOT included**

**Figure is NOT included**

**Figure is NOT included**