WAVE is going to release the Treasure Figure Collection Kitano Sora ( 北野ソーラ ) limited edition 1/10 PVC figure form the manga/anime “Doujin Work” ( ドージンワーク ). Will be released in February 2009. Around 150mm tall, 2,940 yen. Only 2,000 pieces will be manufactured.

Whhhhhhhy!! Why all the Doujin Work figure by WAVE are all 2,000 pieces limited!!! Tsuyuri ( 露理 ) was Wonder Festival 2008 [Summer] limited, Osana Najimi ( 長菜なじみ ) was 2,000 limited, and now Sora is 2,000 pieces limited too!??? Why? Why? (@_____@. If I could get the Tsuyrui figure, then I’ll buy this Sora too for sure. But there is no way I can get the Tsuyuri now. So should I pre-order Sora since she’s really cheap (under 3,000 yen)? But she will be really alone with out Tsuyuri and Najimi. (-________-. What should I do? =P

By the way, what’s wrong with WAVE recently? What’s wrong with all of their swimsuit figure series in Winter? (-________-.????

Download original size pic here

Doujin Work anime OP

Official Doujin Work anime homepage

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