Amie-Grand is going to release the Isako ( イサコ )1/8 prepainted & completed GK from the anime “Denno Coil” ( 電脳コイル ). Will be released in May 2009. Around 140mm tall, 14,490 yen.

Amasawa Yuko ( 天沢 勇子 ), nicknamed Isako, is a powerful type of hacker known as an “encoder” ( 暗号 ) who is able to manipulate the electronic infrastructure through sophisticated chalk patterns.

I read some doujin of Denno Coil last year or so. It looked interesting enough so I tried to look for the original manga but I couldn’t find any. So I thought that this Denno Coil was from a light novel. Since I don’t like to read at all so I gave up on this one. Then later I find that this is actually a TV anime show, no manga no light novel at all.

I still want to watch this show. I heard that the animation and the drawing quality is really good. But this is so long (26 episodes) which I don’t think I’ll have time to watch it. =/

Denno Coil OP

Official Denno Coil anime homepage

via Amie-Grand