Amie-Grand is going to release the Ryofu Housen ( 呂布奉先 ) festival version ( お祭りver. )1/6 prepainted & completed GK from the manga/anime “Ikkitousen” ( 一騎当千, Dragon Destiny ). Will be released in March-April 2009. Around 250mm tall, 14,800 yen.

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 Ikkitousen (Dragon Destiny) Shokatsuryo Koumei Festival ver. 1/6 GK by Amie-Grand

I thought the Shokatsuryo Koumei was the last one in this series, but I was wrong. After Ryomou Shimei, Sonsaku Hakufu, Kanu Unchou, and Shokatsuryo Koumei, Amie-Grand is bring us the 5th festival girl – Ryofu Housen!

There was a Damage Ver. non-painted GK kit before. I really have no idea when she was released, in some special event maybe?

Damage version

Download the uncensored pic here
Chonoyume Choko Vol. 1 A&B tyep 1/8 PVC figure by Giga Pulse
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Ikkitousen Great Guardians OP

Official Ikkitousen Anime website

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