The Delay of the Dead (DoD) comes once again! For those who think we don’t have any figure is postponed this month, you’re so wrong. lAter and Evil Smile Company had never disappointed us~!

For all the figures in DoD this month, most of them are being pushed to July. I’ve only pre-ordered the Soso by Penguin Parade so it isn’t really affect me much this time. But for those who are really tight on July, good luck. (-______-.


Shining Wind Clalaclan Phirias Armor Ver. 1/8 PVC figure:

July 2010 > August 2010

Strike Witches Sanya V. Litvyak 1/8 PVC figure:

June 2010 > July 16, 2010

Samurai Girls Senhime 1/8 PVC figure:

June 2010 > July 06, 2010

Here is Alter, the King of DoD. We *only have 3 figures being delayed this month, they’re Clalaclan, Sanya, and Senhime. Being delayed for only a month isn’t really a big deal for Alter. Sanya and Senhime actually have a release date this time. I think Alter is improving! Let’s hope that we don’t see Alter next month.

Good Smile Company

Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Strikers actsta Teana Lanster 1/8 action figure:

June 2010 > July 2010

Fate/Unlimited Codes Saber Lily ~Golden Caliburn~ 1/7 PVC figure:

June 2010 > August 2010

Vocaloid 2 Snow Miku Nendoroid No.97 action figure:

June 2010 > July 21, 2010

With so many figures being annouced every month, I guess it’s normal to see Good Smile Company in DoD everytime. I’m kinda suprised to see this Saber Lily here. This is just a stripped version of the previous Saber Lily ~Distant Avalon~. All the parts and stuff should be there already. I wonder why they need to postpone her. Oh well, they delayed the poorman version Black Rock Shooter two times too. I guess it doesn’t really matter if they have released the item before.

Max Factory

Fate/stay night Saber Alter figma 072 action figure:

June 2010 > July 2010

K-ON! Akiyama Mio Uniform Ver. figma 058 action figure:

June 2010 > July 2010

It’s really funny to see Mio here. She had been released in February already. The June release is supposed to be the second shipment. So 4 months is still not enough for them to reproduce that something has been released? Or it’s just their marketing strategy?


Please Teacher! Kazami Mizuho 1/4 PVC figure:

June 2010 > July 2010

FREEing don’t have much figure release to begin with, but they still can’t manage to deliver their figure on time? =/

Penguin Parade

Shin Koihime Muso Soso Karin 1/8 PVC figure:

May 2010 > June 2010 > July 05, 2010

Seems like our new figure manufacturer Penguin Parade still have problem with their product schedule. I feel so bad for them that they can’t release her before Zigz Toy announce their Marvelous Model Soso. I wonder how many people will skip her and go get the Zigz Toy one instead. =/