Another “Delay of the Dead” (DoD)! This time is not as serious as the one in December last year, but still raise some eyebrows. I added some of my comments this time. Anyway, enjoy the DoD!

April 22, 2010: Updated with Yuzuhara Konomi news
April 24, 2010: Updated with Griffon Enterprises news


Saber Alter Maid Ver. 1/6 PVC figure:

April 2010 > May 14, 2010

Shamal & Zafila Puppy Ver. 1/7 PVC figure:

March 2010 > April 2010 > May 07, 2010

Mercedes non-scale PVC figure:

February 2010 > March 2010 > April 2010 > May 07, 2010

Alter is being called “lAter” by some figure fans for a reason. It becomes a tradition to them to postpone the release date. It’s fun to see every single figure on page 2 of Alter are being delayed. For those who ordered those 3 figures above, you will be so broken in May. XD

Good Smile Company

Black Rock Shooter Black Blade Ver. 1/8 PVC figure:

April 2010 > May 2010

It’s a good thing that we don’t see much delay from Good Smile Company this year. But does somebody curse BRS? The original BRS was delayed from Aug>Oct>Nov>Dec last year, and this poor-man-version stripped BRS is being delayed again? I have a bad feeling about the Nendoroid BRS and figma BRS… (-__________-.;

Anyway, here is a side story. You know the second shipment of figma Hirasawa Yui is supposed to be shipped this month. She was supposed to be shipped on April 20 so every store was waiting for her to arrive yesterday. They kept waiting until GSC announced that she will be delayed to April 28 later in the evening. Don’t you think GSC should announce the news eariler? Their delay news is being delayed too, lol.


Al Azif x Inouetakuya 1/7 PVC figure:

April 2010 > July 2010

Yuzuhara Konomi Sweet Lolita Ver. 1/7 PVC figure:

November 2009 > March 2010 > April 2010 > June 2010

Just like Alter, Orchidseed is we known for delay, but delayed for more than half a year is something new to me. What’s wrong with Yuzuhara Konomi? They keep delaying her again and again. It’s not the manufacture factory problem, a lot of figures that was announced later than her were released already. I guess Orchidseed just don’t like her that much. =/

Update (Apr22): Got a news about Konomi form Orchidseed. The reason for them to delay Konomi is because they find a flaw on her butt thigh. It’s due to the malfunction of the metal mold cause the PVC injection process leave a mark like that. They have to redo it all over again. Poor Orchidseed, I guess this will cost them a lot.


Kooh Plafia non-scale plastic model kit:

April 2010 > May 2010

Yatabe Miu 1/8 PVC figur:

April 2010 > May 2010

Shigure Asa 1/8 PVC figure:

April 2010 > May 2010

I learn something today. A new figure manufacture like PLUM shouldn’t release 3 figures in the same month, not to mention that these are their first figures. I know it’s common for figure manufacturers delay their figures. But they’re your first figures PLUM!! Aren’t you supposed to put all your effort into them and delivere them on time? If you can’t do it, then please just release one single figure at a time, not three. It sux to be PLUM. =/

Griffon Enterprises

Maid of the Scarlet Devil Mansion Izayoi Sakuya Battle Ver. 1/7 PVC figure:

April 2010 > May 14, 2010

The Sinner against Eternity and Temporality Houraisan Kaguya 1/8 PVC figure:

April 2010 > May 14, 2010

The Brain of the Moon Yagokoro Eirin 1/8 PVC figure:

April 2010 > May 14, 2010

Oh great, Griffon decided to join the DoD bandwagon! I just saw this news today on the Griffon Touhou homepage, they’re going to postpone these 3 Touhou figures form late-April to mid-May. Just only 2-3 weeks late, it isn’t really a big deal here in DoD, LOL. =P