Toy’s Planning is going to release the Yuzu Soft Figure Collection ( ゆずソフト フィギュアコレクション ) trading figures from the eroge “Bra-Ban! -The bonds of melody-” ( ぶらばん! -The bonds of melody- ), “E×E”, “Natsuzora Kanata” ( 夏空カナタ ), and “Tenshin Ranman Lucky or Unlucky!?” ( 天神乱漫 -LUCKY or UNLUCKY!?-) published by Yuzu Soft. Will be released in August 2010. Around 40mm tall, 650 yen each (5,850 yen for a box of 9 pieces).

I got blocked form the Yuzu Soft homepage. I guess they blocked everyone from outside of Japan. It’s a common thing for the Japanese eroge makers. Without the Yuzu Soft homepage, it took me soooooooooo much time to find out who those characters were and which game they were from. Fortunately Yuzu Soft only have 4 games and 2 of the girls form each game are being featured in this trading figure set. XD

  • Bra-Ban! -The bonds of melody- ( ぶらばん! -The bonds of melody- )

Nakanoshima Tae ( 中ノ島妙 )

Ebihara Nenase ( 海老原みなせ )


  • E×E

Nomiya Yuu ( 野宮悠 )

Kono Natsuki ( 籠夏希 )


  • Natsuzora Kanata ( 夏空カナタ )

Kousaka Chihaya ( 上坂茅羽耶 )

Shichijou Sasara ( 七条沙々羅 )


  • Tenshin Ranman -Lucky or Unlucky!?- ( 天神乱漫 -LUCKY or UNLUCKY!?-)

Unohananosakuyahime ( 卯花之佐久夜姫 )

Chitose Sana ( 千歳佐奈 )