Yamato just set up the “Yamato Showroom” in their headquarter in Akihabara. It was opened on August 29th-30th 2009 but only limited to Yamato fan club members. There is no word for opening to public yet. So the only way to see this exhibition is to become a Yamat fan club memeber. If you’re interested to become a member, you check it out here.

Naked Star the Girl in the divisional page

MMB Angel Device Raphael & Michael

Needless Eve Neuschwanstei

Umi Monogatari Marin

Samurai Shodown VI Iroha Red Ver.

Samurai Shodown VI Iroha

Odin Sphere Velvet

Odin Sphere Mercedes

Syunya Yamashita Emaretta-chan

Syunya Yamashita Roxanne-san

Blassreiter Amada Werner Niθ Illustrate Ver.

Enka Oudou Dai☆Shogun Hatoori Kiriko Ninja Ver.

Final Fight Capcom Girl Collection Cammy

Final Fight Capcom Girl Collection Poison Reflect Black Ver.

Official Yamato homepage

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