Proovy is going to release the Chara-Many series ( きゃらめにぃシリーズ ) March! Taneshima Popura Army Set Vol.2 and I’m not Small!!! ( 進め!種島ぽぷら軍団セット 2品目&ちっちゃくないよ!!!) figure set from the manga/anime “Working!!” ( ワーキング!! ). Will be released in October 2011. Around 50mm tall, 4,280 yen for a set of 10 pieces.

Popura is so cute! Can’t wait to watch the Working!! anime season 2 in Fall! =D

——Description from Manufacturer——

Smiling Popura x 8
Thinking face Popura x 1
I’m not small!! Popura x 1 (Bonus)
Base x 10

Neck and ponytail part can be moved slightly and you can enjoy slight differences in posing.