Proovy is going to release the Chara-Many series ( きゃらめにぃシリーズ ) It has come! Yamada Aoi Great Operation Set Part.1 ( キタコレ!山田葵だいさくせんセット パート1) figure set from the manga/anime “Working!!” ( ワーキング!! ). Will be released in December 2011 January 2012. Around 58mm tall, 3,600 yen for a set of 6 pieces.

You can order her here

Popura Set Vol.1, Popura Set Vol.2, Yamada Aoi Set Part.1 (left to right)

Wow! Here comes the Yamada Aoi army!!! She is really really cute!! XD Personally I like Yamada a lot more than Popura. Proovy did a really good job on her. They even make her a bit taller than Popura (58mm VS 50mm). Since she (they?) is going to be released in December, maybe I’ll just pick her up while I’m in Hong Kong. =D

——Description from Manufacturer——

Uza-Kawaii Aoi Yamada is here as a Daisakusen set!
It’ll be also cute to display her together with previously released “Popura Tanechima series”!

It’s slightly posable and you can enjoy her (them?) in a slightly different posing!

  • PVC Pre-painted Complete Figure (Partly ABS)
  • 6 Figure Set
  • Size: Appx. 58mm Tall (NON Scale)
  • Package: Window Box
  • Appealing face X1
  • Goo mood face X1
  • No, no face X1
  • Smiling face X1
  • HowaHowa face X1
  • Tokimeki face X1
  • Base x 6

  • Appealing face ( アピール顔 )

  • Good Morning face ( ごきげん顔 )

  • No no face ( いやいや顔 )

  • Smiling face ( 笑顔 )

  • HowaHowa face ( ほわほわ顔 )

  • Heartbeat face ( ときめき顔 )

Working’!! OP