Proovy is going to release the Chara-Many series ( きゃらめにぃシリーズ ) Inami’s Instant Kill! BokoDere Set ( 伊波の一撃必殺! ボコデレせっと ) figure set from the manga/anime “Working!!” ( ワーキング!! ). Will be released in July 2012. Around 64mm tall, 3,600 yen for a set of 6 pieces. This item is canceled.

You can order her here

**Taneshima Popura Army set and Yamada Aoi Great Operation Set sold separately**

This Inami set is super cute! It would be a great view if you display this Inami set with the Popura Army and Yamada set together. =D

——Description from Manufacturer——

Here comes a mini figure of Mahiru Inami with cute face expression parts!
It can be displayed along with differently sold “Popura Taneshima Gundan series” and “Aoi Yamada Daisakusen” as their height differences has been achieved through out the items!