An event of figures, models, and garage kits, Wonder Festival 2010 [Winter] was held on February 7th (Sunday) at Makuhari Messe. Let’s go to the largest scale of Wonfes in the history!

I’m gonna divide the WF2010[Winter] into two main parts, Part A and Part B. Part A is the figure manufacturers. Part B is the individual figure circles.

Here is Part B, the individual figure circles. Wonder Festival really is the largest figure event in the world. The amount of the figure circles and images were a lot more than I expected. I spent almost 10hrs to go to different websites, download the images, organized them, and post them. Finally WF2010[Winter] is done!! The next Wonder Festival, WF2010[Summer] will be on July 25th. But before that, we will have Treasure-Festa on May 4th and June 20th, WOW! XD

Download original size images here (Block D)

  • D04-07 駒+粁

  • D04-08 明日がんばるれ

  • D05-06 山予商会

  • D06-04 覇車

  • D08-07 中華料理屋 恩珍軒

  • D08-14 G-E+

  • D08-16 Pilotz

  • D09-11 zf

  • D09-12 甘夏屋

  • D09-14 RUM KANDIS

  • D10-11 AH!電柱もけん

  • D10-12 はちみつ工房

  • D10-13 カトスペ

  • D12-04 こえだちゃんデータベース

  • D12-06 やくもぎゃらりぃ

  • D12-07 アルマイト

  • D12-12 ツクヨミクラフト

  • D12-14 リサセッズ

  • D13-04 Cross-K

  • D13-17 プラヅマ法力模型

  • D15-02 (株)LINK FACTORY

  • D15-09 MADHANDS

  • D15-10 激ゾリ同好会

  • D15-11 温泉天国

  • D15-15 Autarkie

  • D16-05 MJSガレージキット分室

  • D16-12 女囚卍固め

  • D16-14 地球外生物とゆかいな仲間たち

  • D17-07 インクエッジ

  • D18-01 カインド オブ マジック

  • D18-04 あすりん

  • D18-05 小抹香

  • D18-06  クインタエッセンティアものづくり部

  • D18-09 東工房

  • D19-02 雨の日晴の日

Download original size images here (Block D)

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