Orchidseed is going to release the Amaha Masane ( 天羽雅音 ) 1/7 resin GK from the anime “Witchblade” ( ウィッチブレイド ). Will be released in Wonder Festival 2009 [summer] on July 26th, 2009, 10,000 yen (tax in).WF2009[summer] exclusive. Kit is not painted nor assembled.

I don’t know anything about Witchblade but this GK looks nicely done to me. Can’t wait to see the painted version of her. =D

Today we have four figures from Orchidseed for WF2009[summer]. Two of them are PVC figures and the other two are resin GK. They’re all event exclusive. For those who want to get these figures but can’t go to the event, you don’t need to worry. The two PVC figures are just alternate color version of the previous releasaed of Infinity Pin-up Lady & Hustler and I’m 100% sure they will make the PVC figure version of those two GK. You aren’t really missing anything. =P

Witchblade anime OP

Official Witchblade anime homepage

via OrchidSeed