Welcome (New) Home everyone!!! We’re in the new server now. Good job Mayoi, you finally make it home! Please come back from .Net. I wouldn’t update .Net anymore. Actually I’ll close in a few day when I make sure this .Com is really working.

It took me so much time to move the old stuff from the old server to this new one. It’s very hard to believe we had so many pictures in Nekomagic. 60 thousands pictures moving form the old server to .Net and then duplicate them to .Com wasn’t funny at all. If you find something missing, please do let me know! It’s not rare if I dropped something here and there during the moving. =P

Thank you for your patient during the moving. And thank you for all your support! =D

Oh by the way, the Nekomagic e-mail isn’t working for the time being. I’ll fix it later tonight. E-mail fixed! =D