FREEing is going to release the Tenkokuugen ( 天狐空幻 ) 1/8 PVC figure from the light novel/anime “Wagaya no Oinari-sama” ( 我が家のお稲荷さま ) . Will be released in Setpember 2008. Around 210mm tall, 8,800 yen.

I only read the mange, never read the light novel nor watch the anime. Actually I don’t even know the anime is out in April already, I thought it’s out in July.

This figure doesn’t really attract me, but the semi-transparent clothes looks pretty interesting to me. And the color changing hair is a nice touch too. But some details like the fingers and the fire don’t looks so good. Let’s hope that they will fix it in the final production model. =]

Original size pic at download section

Wagaya no Oinari-sama OP

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