Easy Toys ( 易乐 EASY TOYS ) is going to release the Princess of Floating Clouds Hatsune Miku ( 浮云姬·初音ミク ) 1/4.5 GK from the popular singing synthesizer application “Vocaloid 2″. Will be released in Wonder Festival 2012 [Winter] on February 12, 2012. Around 600mm+ tall, price unknown. Castoffable. Kit is NOT pre-painted nor assembled.

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Easy Toys is a figure circle in China and this GK will be selling by PEACH GARDEN. The table number of PEACH GARDEN in Wonder Festival 2012 [Winter] is “8-15-02″, you will find them there.

Wonfes is coming in a few days! I’ll cut my BS form now on so that I can have more time to post as many new GK as possible. =D