Good Smile Company is going to release the Toeto ( トエト ) soft vinyl figure from the spin-off of Megurine Luka ( 巡音ルカ ) , the the the popular singing synthesizer application “Vocoloid2-03″ by YAMAHA. Will be released in April 2010. Around 250mm tall, 3,333 yen.

You can order her here 

Toeto is adorable!!! I love her so much! I had the song “Toeto” as my ringtone for more than half year (now changed to something else). GSC has this Toeto around since June last year. I’m so happy to see GSC finally release her. 3,333 yen for a soft vinyl figure is kind of expensive for me but I’ll still get her. XD

~I really want to tell you my~ feelings from the heart~
~Hesitantly, Toeto said no to that proposal~
~I can say it, I’ll say it, I am saying, but not said~
~e-to e-to, I mean e-to, I meant e-Toeto~

By the way, this Toeto is huge! The Luka on the right hand side is the regular Nendoroid, not the Petit! I wonder where I can put her in my room. She’s really taking up space. XP

——Description from Manufacturer——

The shy and bashful Toet.

The popular character ‘Toet’, created as a spin-off from ‘Character Vocal Series 03: Luka Megurine’, is a bashful, cuter version of Luka wearing an adorable cat hat – and now she is getting her very own big soft vinyl figure!

The figure appeared in one of Good Smile Company’s commercials and became quite popular, and thus is now becoming available for all the fans! Keep her bashful smile by your side at all times!

Toeto (with English Sub)