Max Factory is going to release the Kagamine Rin ( 鏡音リン ) -Nuclear Fusion- ( -炉心融解- ) 1/8 PVC figure from the the popular singing synthesizer application “Vocoloid2-02” by YAMAHA. Will be released in August 2010. Around 210mm tall, 9,333 yen.

You can order her here

As I thought, this Rin cost 9,800 yen (taxed in), same as the Black Rock Shooter. I think it’s just too expensive. It would be great if they can sell the figure only without the fancy base for 2,000-3,000 yen cheaper. For the 9,333 yen price tag, Max Factory don’t even care to add the bass strings, what the heck. =/

And you know what, she is only 210mm tall. If this measurement is included the base, then this Kagamine Rin -Nuclear Fusion- is kinda tiny. For your information, the little GSC Kagamine Rin is 170mm tall. So with the figure alone, this Rin is just as small as the GSC Rin.

——Description from Manufacturer——

Jump into the fusion reactor!

Another figure coming out of the collaboration between the popular illustrator ‘Nagimiso’ and Max Factory! This more mature looking Rin was originally drawn for the PV of the song ‘Nuclear Fusion (Hard-R.K.mix)’, but now it’s on its way to becoming a PVC figure!

The frills and ribbons that cover her gothic costume are contrasted by the mechanical guitar in her hands, and the detailed futuristic base she stands upon – creating a definite must-see, whether you are a fan of the original illustration or not!

Rin Kagamine Meltdown with English Lyrics