Gift is going to release the Nendoroid Plus Plushie Series 04: Kagamine Rin ( 鏡音リン ) Plush from the the popular singing synthesizer application “Vocoloid2-02” by YAMAHA. Will released in December 2009. Around 250mm tall, 3,500 yen.

It’s weekend again and we don’t have any figure news so I’m posting plush again! Well actually we have Mega Hobby Expo 2009 [Autumn] today (actually right now in Japan) but I’ll cover it tomorrow. =P

Today we have Kagamine Rin, Kagamine Len, and Kaito plushies by Gift. Beside some figures, currently Gift is mainly focusing on making plushies. And they’re not normal plushies, Gift put the wire skeleton inside them so that you can pose them anyway you want. Except those prize plush, there aren’t many companies are making anime/manga character plush so Gift is pretty stand out in the market now. They began to make plush in the summer last year, and they started to pull out a lot of them in the summer this year.

Gift started to make Touhou plushies this summer and they are selling really really well. And then they also started to make Vocaloid plushies. They released the Hatsune Miku and Hachune Miku in September and they were sold out right away. So they re-release them this month and they were sold out in no time once again. It’s pretty amazing right? =D

——Description from Manufacturer——

Rin Kagamine: the adorable plushie!

The 4th in the Nendoroid Plus Plushie series is the energetic Rin Kagamine! She has been given the usual deformed design, but with all her adorable charms in tact, including her number one charm point – the giant ribbon in her hair.

The ribbon, as well as the arms and legs are all fitted with joints, allowing them to be posed, and her twin brother Len is also due to be released alongside her – so you can display them together in any poses you wish. ♪

**Kagamine Len sold separantly**

**Hatsune Miku and Kagamine Len sold separantly**

Kagamine Rin – す..す..すき大すき