Max Factory is going to release the Hatsune Miku VN02 mix ( 初音ミク VN02 mix ) 1/8 PVC figure from the popular singing synthesizer application “Vocaloid 2″ by YAMAHA. Will released in June 2010. Around 270mm tall, 12,191 yen.

You can order her here 

Another Hatsune Miku by Max Factory! After all of the “Delay of the Death” Miku figures, let’s see if they can really release her in June. Maybe we can get her before Christmas 2010, LOL. XD

I can’t find the original illustration of this Miku VN02 mix, so I used another one from the same illustrator, Nagimiso, instead.

——Description from Manufacturer——

An all new perpective of Miku!

A collaboration between the popular illustrator Nagimiso and Max Factory brings a figure of this cybernetic Miku, which was originally illustrated by Nagimiso as a character for the VN02mix of Miku Hatsune’s original song ‘moon’.

Placed in an elegant pose as if soaring through the air, this version of Miku is far more than just a robotic version of Miku, it’s a carefully designed decorative masterpiece – a bold, yet finely crafted figure that will suit virtually any collection!