Good Smile Company is going to release the Character Charm Collection Tako Luka ( たこルカ ) from the the popular singing synthesizer application “Vocaloid 2 – 03” by YAMAHA. Will be released in November 2009. Around 30mm tall, 762 yen each. 3 kinds in total.

I don’t really like Megurine Luka, I think she looks too cool. But I like the Tako Luka and Toeto a lot! I think they’re really cute. I guess I’ll buy all 3 of these Tako Luka. I think 762 yen is a bit expensive for a little charm like this, I just really love Tako Luka so I don’t really care about the price. =P

——Description from Manufacturer——

Warning: Not edible.

Based on the popular ‘Character Vocal Series 03: Luka Megurine’ comes an adorable charm of the ever popular chibi character ‘Taco Luca’. Designed with her hair as octopus legs, she makes for a very different, yet still adorable creation to add to your collection.

Three variations are available, including a smiling face, a laughing face and a drooling face. A different colored jar is also attached to each charm.

Megurine Luka


Tako Luka

smiling face, laughing face, and drooling face



Official Vocaloid 2 – 03 Megurine Luka homepage

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