Cospa is going to release the Graphig 014 Megpoid (メグッポイド ) paper craft from the popular singing synthesizer application “Vocaloid 2″. Will be released in September 2011. Around 130mm tall, 600 yen. Kit is not assembled.

Lily (left), Megpoid (right)

We have more Graphig from Cospa today, they’re Lily and Megpoid. Both of them are Vocaloid 2 under INTERNET Co.,Ltd. They aren’t as popular as the Vocaloid from Crypton, but still they have a lot of fans too. =D

The name of Megpoid is very confusing. “Megpoid” is the Vocaloid software itself, but the name of this green hair mascot girl is actually “Gumi”. Her voice is very very nice. Personally I think she is better than Rin and Len but sadly she isn’t as popular as those two.

——Description from Manufacturer——

Illustration, concept design: Nasos (NC Teikoku)

A cute and stylish paper toy “GraPhig” is introducing Megpoid from VOCALOID!
Square deformed character can be made in about 10 minutes without glue or scissors.

Product dimensions: 515mm x 363mm
Assembled: approx. 130mm in height.
Package: PP Bag
*B4 Size Packed With Parts Cut.



Megpoid – Miracle∞Gumiracle