Good Smile Company is going to release the Kirenenko ( キレネンコ ) soft vinyl figure from the web anime “Usavich” ( ウサビッチ ). Will be released in August 2009. Around 190mm tall, 2,857 yen.

You can pre-order him here 

Wahaha! They’re the rabbits from Usavich!!! I love this web anime so much. The story is really funny and I like their 3DCG a lot. Different from the other 3D animation companies, they mainly focus on the texture rather then the 3D modeling.

The figure is nicely done. I really love the paint job. It’s just like how they look in the anime. Let’s hope the the final product will look as good. The price is a bit high IMO. 2,857 yen is very pricy for a simple figure like that, not to mention the material is soft vinyl not PVC. It’s more like a prize figure to me.

Kirenenko used to be a mafia boss and was sentenced to death. He is a really crazy rabbit. He is really dangerous when he becomes angry and goes berserk. It would be really scary if you see a person like that in real life. He lives in the same cell as Putin.

——Description from Manufacturer——

Once he gets angry there is no stopping him, the original boss of Fear.

Usavich is a story that follows the carefree life of rabbits that are imprisoned in a Russian prison. When the first season aired in the Autumn of 2006, it quickly generated many fans with its unique and interesting atmosphere. The third season is currently airing on MTV, and it is still just as well acclaimed as when it originally aired.

This is a vinyl figure of Kirenenko, who was once the boss of the organization, ‘Fear’, but is now nothing more than a criminal that has been sentenced to death. Leningrad, the frog with just as much presence as the main characters themselves, is also included, allowing you to enjoy the prison life of all the characters together!

***Putin sold seperately***

Usavich episode 1

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