Pleasant Angels is going to release the “My Wife Plan” ( 俺の嫁計画 – Ore no yome ) series Vol.2 Yashi Nagomi ( 椰子なごみ ) 1/8 PVC figure form the anime/eroge “Tsuyokiss” ( つよきす) in July 2008. 6,090 yen.

You can order her here

I only read the manga, never watch the anime nor play the eroge of Tsuyokiss. It is fun. The girls in the series is realy cute and the story is very entertaining. Nagomi is one of my favours girls, the other two are Kinu and Otome. Actually I had a chance to watch the anime, but the character design turned me off. They’re totally different from the game. That really disappointed me. =(

This figure is castoffable and 18+, but since I couldn’t find the cast off pictures so I didn’t lable it 18+. I would post the cast off pictures when I find them.

Official Tusyokiss anime homepage

Official Tusyokiss eroge homepage (18+)