Treasure-Festa 2009 in Kobe 1 ( トレジャーフェスタ in 神戸1) was held on April 29, 2009 at Kobe International Exhibition Center. It is an event for Figure, Doll, Cosplay, GK, and Toy. This is the third Treasure-Festa this year, the first one was on February 22 at Makuhari Messe and the second one was on April 05 at Ariake1. The next Treasue-Festa will be at Ariake again on October 12, 2009. Mark your calender if you’re planning to go Japan in October.

You can download the original size photos here

Here is the list of the circles that attended the event. The highlighted ones are those I could cover. Big thanks to foo-bar-baz and caprin, I got most photo from them.

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