Volks Turn A-brand is going to release the Kuri-chan ( クリちゃん ) and Kirisaki-kun ( 切り裂き君 ) 1/6 GK from the eroge “Toushin Toshi III” ( 闘神都市Ⅲ ) published by AliceSoft. Comes as bonus parts in Level Kami Kumiko, Azami Cricket, Izayoi Touka, and Lumina & Namir Hamsand. Kit is not painted nor assembled.

Volks is evil! Remember the Vivio PVC figure? You have to pre-order all three of Takamachi Nanoha, Fate, and Yagami Hayate at the same time in order to get the Vivio PVC figure as a bonus figure. Now Volks is doing the similar thing again. They break this lovely Kuri-chan and Kirisaki-kun set into 4 parts (Part A-D) and pack her in 4 different GKs as bonus part. They are:

Isn’t that evil? In order to complete her, you have to get all 4 of them. (-_______-.

Alice 2010 promo