Gift is going to release the Touhou Puppet Series 02 Kirisame Marisa ( 霧雨魔理沙 ) puppet from the doujin danmaku shooting game series “Touhou Project” ( 東方プロジェクト ) by the circle Team Shanghai Alice ( 上海アリス幻樂団 ). Will be released in January 2010. Around 400mm tall, 4,000 yen.

We have so many doll/plush news this weekend. First comes the Hakurei Reimui and Kirisame Marisa puppets by Gift, and then we will see two dolls from AZONE.

These Reimui and Marisa puppets are huge! Compared to the regular size Reimui and Marisa plushes, these puppets looks like giants. But since they’re this big, I wonder how one can control them with only one hand. =w=.

Marisa [Night of Nights]