Griffon Enterprises is going to release the Half-human Half-ghost Gardener ( 半人半霊の庭師 ) Konpaku Youmu ( 魂魄妖夢 ) 1/8 PVC figure from the doujin danmaku shooting game series “Touhou Project” ( 東方プロジェクト ) by the circle Team Shanghai Alice ( 上海アリス幻樂団 ). Will be released in November 2009, 7,200 yen.

Due to my laziness, I just copy & paste my following BS from the previous Youmu post. =P Btw, that sp3rm thing around Konpaku Youmu is her “half-ghost-self”.

Konpaku Youmu, one of the youngest youkai in Gensokyo and always get teased by the other girls in Gensokyo. Even though she is the stage 5 boss, she doesn’t seems to be really powerful to me. Maybe it’s because her mastress, the stage 6 boss Yuyuko, is way overpowered compared to Youmu. (^^.;

——Description from Wiki——

Konpaku Youmu ( 魂魄 妖夢 )

  • Species: Half-human half-ghost
  • Ability: Swordsmanship
  • Residence: Hakugyokurō
  • Theme Song: Hiroari Shoots a Strange Bird ~ Till When?

Stage 5 boss and stage 6 midboss, in addition, she is a playable character in Touhou 7.5-9, and 10.5 as well. Youmu is the gardener of the netherworld pagoda, Hakugyokurō. She comes from a very rare breed, the half-ghosts; in this strange combination, the human half and ghost half exist in physically separate bodies, but are always close by one another. Youmu is very young for a half-ghost, under 60 years; her exact age is unknown. While straightforward, focused and loyal to her mistress, Yuyuko, Youmu is still rather immature, and tends to be a target for teasing by the other girls of Gensokyo (particularly her mistress Yuyuko). Paradoxically, she is afraid of ghosts (the imaginary sort). Her talents are swordsmanship and speed. In the games, she is characterized by creating powerful danmaku with her sword slashes, and slowing time (this is not due to magic as one might expect, but because of time slowing around her body as she goes past at unimaginable speeds).

Touhou M-1: Yuyuko and Youmu

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