Mandarake (manufactured by Aoshima) is going to release the Mecha Patchouli ( メカパチュリー ) plastic mode kit from the Touhou Project doujin game “Mega Mari” ( メガマリ -魔理沙の野望- ) by the circle Twilight Frontier (黄昏フロンティア). Will be released in March 2010. Around 80mm tall, 2,100 yen (taxed in). Will be first released in the Touhou only event “The 7th Hakurei Shrine Reitaisai” ( 第7回 博麗神社例大祭 ).

It’s Saturaday today! So beside dolls, I guess it’s fine for me to post something weird, right? Here comes Mecha Patchouli from the Touhou doujin game “Mega Mari” (A doujin game of a doujin game, lol). The doujinshi circle ANGELTYPE like the Mecha Patchouli design a lot and they drew a doujinshi “Super Mecha Patchouli Z”. This plastic model kit (and actually all the plushies that released by Gift) is based on the ANGELTYPE’s design.

This kit is cheap and it is avalible at Amiami. But too bad it is not pre-painted and it’s too small to my liking. It would be great if it is around 100mm to 130mm tall, too bad. =/

**Patchouli is not included**

MegaMari – Mecha Patchouli