Good Smile Company is going to release the Aisaka Taiga ( 逢坂大河 ) School Swimsuit Ver. ( スクール水着Ver. ) Nendoroid-Petit figure bundled with the PSP game “ToraDora Portable! Super Dreadnoughts Class Premium Box Per-order Speical” ( とらドラ・ポータブル!超弩級プレミアムBOX」予約特典 ) special edition published by Bandai. Will be released on April 30, 2009. 4,980 yen for the normal version, 9,333 yen for the Premium Box edition.

I want this Tiger Taiga Nendoroid-Petit!! If anyone pre-ordered this game but don’t want this Taiga Nendoroid-Petit, please let me know. I would love to take her off you. =P

This game looks pretty cool. If you watch the promo video I attached below, you can see that their facial expression are actually changingduring the game. I haven’t play any visual novel for a long time, but I think this feature isn’t common (except for those 3D one of coz). And I like their mini-games, looks really fun. And I wonder how is that “Tora System” work. (^^.

Toradora Portable! TVCM

Toradora Portable! promo video

Official ToraDora Portable! homepage

Official ToraDora! anime homepage

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