ASCII Media Works (manufactured by Sen-ti-nel) is going to release the Nendoroid No.185a Aisaka Taiga ( 逢坂 大河 ) action figure from the light novel/manga/anime “Toradora!” ( とらドラ! ). Will be released in January 2012. Around 100mm, 3,334 yen.

You can order her here

No. 185a, No. 185a Dengekiya bonus Ver., No. 185b Sailor Uniform Ver.

For those who want to get this Nendoroid Taiga, please be aware. She is manufactured by Sen-ti-nel which is really new to PVC figure. There is no guarantee about their quality on PVC figure, but their Robot figure looks pretty good. And there are 3 different versions of this lovely Taiga, two No. 185a and one No. 185b. So please make sure which one you really want before you order her.

Contents Price Exclusive
185a 2 faces, 2 set of arms, wooden sword, palm top tiger 3,334 yen
Dengekiya bonus Ver.
Everything the regular edition has
Extra smile face
3,500 yen (taxed in)
Shipping & handling
Dengekiya exclusive
185b A totally different edition that comes with only 1 face 2,800 yen (taxed in)
Shipping & handling
Dengekiya exclusive

The regular 185a comes with 2 faces, the 185a Dengekiya bonus Ver. comes with an extra smile face and she is Dengekiya exclusive. The 185b only comes with 1 face but she has a different uniform and she also Dengekiya exclusive.

You can order both 185a now. For those who want the 185a Dengekiya bonus Ver., you can order her at Dengekiya here. As for the 185b, her per-order will be open on August 29 until September 5, 2011 at Dengekiya.

——Description from Manufacturer——

A Nendoroid of the palm-top tiger, Taiga Aisaka!

From the anime Toradora! comes a Nendoroid of the main heroine from the series, Taiga Aisaka!

She comes with her a standard expression, as well as a much angrier looking frowning expression. She also comes with a variety of arm and hand parts, such as arms to put her hand on her hip, folded arms, and even a hand for her to hold her wooden sword – making it easy to pose Taiga in all her most common poses! She also comes with a little palm-top tiger!