Skytube (Alphamax) is going to release the Kousaka Tamaki ( 向坂環 ) Beach Ball Whitening Ver. ( ビーチボール 美白ver.) 1/6 PVC figure from the eroge/OVA series “ToHeart2 XRATED” published by Leaf/AQUAPLUS. Will be released in June 2010. Around 70mm tall, 7,238 yen. Castoffable.

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This is one of a few PVC figure by Alphamax. Most of the figures by Alphamax are cold cast GK, but for some reason they had released a few PVC figures. The interesting thing is their PVC figures (under the Skytube brand) are three Kousaka Tamaki and one Komaki Manaka, they’re all from ToHeart2! Coincidence?

——Description from Manufacturer——

Sculpted by: 2%

The famous beach-ball Tama-nee is back, and in a beautiful white version! Featuring an alluring pose and a great likeness of the character, this is sure to become a favorite in your collection!

There cast-off images below are from the black bikini version.

Download the uncensored pic here

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