Evolution Toy is going to release the FullPuni ( ふるプニっ) Figure Series No.9 HMX-12 “Multi” ( HMX-12“マルチ” ) Miyawaza limited edition ( 宮沢模型限定版 ) non-scale action figure from the eroge/anime “ToHeart” ( トゥハート ) published by Leaf/AQUAPLUS. Will be released in January February 2012. Around 180mm tall, 9,334 yen. Castoffable.

**extra face comes with the Miyawaza limited edition**

Here comes the FullPuni HMX-12 “Multi” Miyawaza limited edition! Basically she is the same as the standard edition but comes with an extra face! It sux for those who had preordered the standard edition already. Now I wonder how’s gonna get the standard edition since both standard edition and this Miyawaza limited edition are the same price.

——Description from Manufacturer——

  • Pre-painted Complete Action Figure
  • Size: Appx. 18cm Tall
  • Material: PVC, PA
  • Main figure
  • Optional face parts x 3
  • Optional right hand parts x 5
  • Optional left hand parts x 5
  • A mop
  • Indoor shoes
  • Body suits transformation parts