Fots Japan is going to release the Yuki Mikan ( 結城美柑 ) White School Swimsuit Ver. ( 白スクール水着ver) 1/7 PMMA(PVC-L) figure from the manga/anime “To LoveRu Darkness” ( ToLOVEるーとらぶるーダークネス). Will be released in late August 2019. Around 220mm tall (with base), 10,000 yen.

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Here comes Yuki Mikan in her school swimsuit from Fots Japan again! Beside the hair color and white school swimsuit. This time she is slight bigger (1/7 ~220mm vs 1/8 ~190mm) and cheaper (10,000 yen vs 12,000 yen)!

By looking at this Mikan, Fots Japan said they have improved a lot in these 2 years. I would totally believe it IF none of us will have our Fots Japan figures broken Upon Arrival. =/