Fots Japan is going to release the Yuki Mikan ( 結城美柑 ) School Swimsuit Ver. ( スク水ver) 1/8 PMMA & PU figure from the manga/anime “To LoveRu Darkness” ( ToLOVEるーとらぶるーダークネス). Will be released in November 2017. Around 190mm tall (with base), 12,000 yen.

  • You can order her here:

We got 7 exclusive figures/sets from Premium Bandai and a Yuki Mikan figure from a new manufacturer Fots Japan!

Here comes a new manufacturer Fots Japan! There isn’t any information about themselves in their website. Their website is just up but it is not really ready. Half of the images there are missing and most of links are just redirect them back to the home page. There aren’t many information in their blog neither. The only real information I found in the blog is their goal is to produce their figures all in Japan.

For your information, PMMA is just another fancy name for acrylic or acrylic glass. It if my first time seeing someone using PMMA in any kind of figure. It is similar to ABS but other manufacturers always use ABS instead. It is very common for individuals using acrylic bases for their GKs tho. Maybe Fots Japan uses it for the base too?

As for PU, it stands for Polyurethane which is ususally used in those large size figures (1/1, 1/2). Not many manufacturers use PU for their figures. Argo-sha (Blackberry, Fullcock, Milkpot) used to use PU in the past but now they’re using polystone instead. Others usually use polystone or resin.

The choice of material by Fots Japan really confuse me. I wish they will survive long enough to bring us more and more figures we really want. =D