Chara-ani (Toy’s works) is going to release the Toy’s works collection 4.5 A Certain Magical Index II ( とある魔術の禁書目録II ) trading figure from the light novel/manga/anime “A Certain Magical Index” ( とある魔術の禁書目録, To Aru Majutsu no Index). Will be released in June 2011. Around 85mm tall, 743 yen each, 7,430 yen for a Box of 10 pieces. 7 kinds + 1 secert in total.

The “Index” anime is disappointing. The 930 incident ended so quick and they skipped a lot of stuff! It sux that they only spent 4 episodes on the 930 incident but spent 6 episodes on Daihaseisai. =(

Well anyway, here comes the Toy’s works collection 4.5 A Certain Magical Index II trading figure! Personally I like the 2.5 series a lot more than the 4.5 series. =P

For those who didn’t read the light novel, you might not know about the girl Itsuwa. I think the main portion of her story will not start in this season, but she did appear in this season couple times. She was first appeared in the episode 2 with the other Amakusa Shiki members and she was the girl who kept giving Touma wet towel in Chioggia. I like Itsuwa a lot! She is a innocent girl yet a really good fighter. I can’t wait to see her in season III. =D

——Description from Manufacturer——

Total 7 (+1 secret) variations in this collection.

Inserted to the box in certain proportions set by the manufacturer.


Index / Mikoto Misaka / Kuroko Shiroi / Itsuwa / Misaka Younger Sister / Accelerator / Last Order

  • Index ( インデックス )

  • Misaka Mikoto ( 御坂美琴 )

  • Shirai Kuroko ( 白井黒子 )

  • Misaka Imoto ( 御坂妹 )

  • Itsuwa ( 五和 )

  • Accelerator ( 一方通行(アクセラレーター))

  • Last Order ( 打ち止め(ラストオーダー))

A Certain Magical Index II OP2