Giga Pulse is going to release the Janne Grenoble ( ジャンヌ・グルノーブル ) Another Ver. SP Type ( アナザーver SPタイプ ) 1/8 PVC figure form the eroge/anime “The Princess Knight Janne” ( 淫堕の姫騎士ジャンヌ ). Will be released in May August 2011, 8,600 yen.

This post contains adult material, you need to be 18 or over to view it.

Oh please Giga Pulse, when will you let this poor girl go? This is the 4th volume and have total of 17 of her already. She is limbless already, what are you gonna do to her next Giga Pulse? Cut her head off? 。・゚・(つд`゚)・゚・

Download the uncensored pic here

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