Orchidseed is going to release the Hanazono Aki ( 花園アキ ) 1/7 PVC figure frome the ero manga/OVA “The Pollinic Girls Attack!” ( 花粉少女注意報!) by Koume Keito ( 小梅 けいと ). Will be released in March May June 2009. Around 110mm tall and 120mm width. 7,400 yen.
This post contains adult material, you need to be 18 or over to view it.

I was gonna post the cover page of the manga but I couldn’t find it anywhere in my room. I don’t know where I put it. Maybe my friend took it without letting me know. =/ Anyhow, I like the manga so much but I really don’t like the OVA. The drawing style in the OVA are totally different from the manga and I realy don’t like it.

Anybody knows who is Koume Keito ( 小梅 けいと )? Nobody knows? Well, believe it or not, he’s the same guy that draw the manga version of “Spice and Wolf” and “Kujibiki (Heart) Unbalance”. Really can’t believe it right. If it’s just a single drawing, then I can understand, but it’s not. As a so-call artist myself, it’s so hard to believe that a same person can have such different drawing styles.

I found the cover page of the manga =D

Spice and Wolf

Kujibiki (Heart) Unbalance

Download the uncensored pic here

“How to get Password” detail at download section

Official The Pollinic Girls Attack! OVA homepage (18+)

Official Koume Keito ( 小梅 けいと ) homepage

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