Kotobukiya is going to release the ARTFX+ Iron Fist ( アイアン・フィスト ) 1/10 PVC Pre-painted Assembling Kit from the Marvel Universe “The Defenders” ( ディフェンダーズ ). Will be released in August 2018. Around 190mm tall, 7,500 yen.

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——Description from Manufacturer——

Kotobukiya’s Marvel Comics ARTFX+ statues have brought you Avengers, X‐Men, and most recently Spider‐Man and characters from his world, but now we turn our attention to the street‐level heroes of the Defenders.

Kotobukiya’s Defenders ARTFX+ series is a collaborative effort between renowned Marvel Comics artist Dale Keown and Junnosuke Abe (Restore), the sculptor behind many of Kotobukiya’s Marvel statues. Standing approximately 20cm tall at 1/10 scale, the Defenders are the perfect addition to your Marvel collection!

The final entry in the Defenders ARTFX+ series is the one and only Iron Fist, who made his return to New York City after his intensive training in K’un‐L’un. Iron Fist’s costume is based on the one designed by David Aja for The Immortal Iron Fist, which follows the current Iron Fist (Danny Rand) as well as the origin stories of the previous generations of the Iron Fist.