The 2nd Gift Plush Festival ( 第2回Giftぬいぐるみふぇすてぃばる ) was held in animate Akihabara branch ( アニメイト秋葉原店 ) 7/F event hall on November 28, 2010. It was a plush exhibition held by Gift themselves to showcase their upcoming and existing plushies.

You can download all the original size pic here

They had Giant Fate and Nanoha guarding the front door! XD

Giant Super Sonico!! =D

Mugi is coming in Comiket 79! =D

Two new Taku Luka! They’re the smaller version (palm top size)

And wow, they’re only 1,000 yen each!!!!

These are the reguler size Taku Luka (shoulder top size)

Super Sonico!! Mine is just shipped from Japan. Let’s hope that I can get her before Christmas =D

Haru-chan is cute! =D

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