The 20th Prize Fair ( 第20回プライズフェア ) was held in Tokyo TOC Ariake ( 東京 TOC 有明 ) on May 26, 2010. The prize items in this Prize Fair are going to be released for the second half of 2010. There were 5 exhibitors this time, they are Banpresto, Sega, Taito, FuRyu, and Eikoh.

This is the 20th Prize Fair, and the last Prize Fair I posted in Nekomagic was 18th Prize Fair. You may wonder where is the 19th Prize Fair. To tell you the truth, I just found that I missed the 19th Prize Fair… Actually I didn’t really miss it. The 19th Prize Fair was held inside the AOU 2010 Amusement Expo. So the AOU 2010 Amusement Expo that I posted was actually the 19th Prize Fair. =]

  • Banpresto

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