The 13th Prize Fair was hold in the Chiba Makuhari Messe Internation Convention Complex on Sept 18-20. Yea, yea, I know it was 3 months ago, but since I don’t really see anybody talk about it, I’ll just post this for the sake of it. For those who like prize figure, this is gonna be a post specially for you! =]

This is “Part 1- Sega”, you can see the “Part 2- Banpresto” here.

Actually since I believe most ppl visit Nekomagic are more into PVC figure, I wonder who are into Prize figure? If you remember the pic of my room, I have some prize figures too.

The quality of them can’t compare to PVC at all. but sometime their quality is so much better than you except. Just check out the “He is my Master” prize figures that I used for the “About” banner.

Believe it or not, these 2 are 1/8 prize figures, only 1,500 yen each.

And their price tag are really attactive, usually they’re only around 1,500 yen each. But prize figures are really hard to get online, not much online store selling them. And they’re usually gone within couple weeks. So you really have to pre-order them.

This one is coming out soon, you can pre-order her here. Only US$ 17.90

This one too, only US$17.90. Pre-order her Now!

I ordered this set too. I think they looks pretty nice for their pricze.

I think this Mikuru is the best out of these 3 SOS girls.

Yuki looks so cool too =D

Moka from Rosary+Vampire, looks really promising.

My all time fav. =]

This Asuka looks really good!

But this Rei doesn’t looks as good.

But it’s still is a really good buy! =D

I really have no idea who this is. At first I thought she is Reimu from Touhou. =P

Btw, I’ll post the “14th Prize Fair” (which was hold on Nov 06) tomorrow.

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