Phat Company (manufactured by GSC) is going to release the Nendoroid No.71 Usakottsu ( ウサコッツ ) action figure from the manga/anime “Tentai Senshi Sunred” ( 天体戦士サンレッド ). Will be released in August 2009. Around 100mm tall, 3,000 yen.

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I never see anyone talk about this show, well, at least in the English speaking community. Maybe it was because there was only one fansub group doing the anime, and it was a not so popular group too. I never watch the anime either, but I do read the manga and I love it. The story is really funny. It’s those kind of comedy super hero show, but the story is telling form the evil organisation “Florsheim” point of view. Those bad guys aren’t really bad at all, IMO they’re actually some really good persons.The super hero “Sunred” is a NEET. He is a rough-talking, violent and rude hero and I think he is actually the bad guy in the story. =P

If you can get your hand on the manga, go read it, you won’t regret it! If you can’t find the manga, then try the anime. Althougth I never watch the anime, I think it should be as good as the manga. =]

——Description from Manufacturer——

I’m not cute!

Recently broadcast on Niconico Douga, TV Kanagawa and Kids Station, and with a second series on the way, ‘Tentai Senshi Sunred’ is a comedy anime holds large popularity with the people of Kanagawa City and the users of Niconico Douga. Usakottsu, the mysterious stuffed bunny and part of the evil organization Florsheim, and is on his way to becoming a Nendoroid!

His arms can be replaced to recreate his ultimate move, ‘Demon Claw’, as well as hold various items from the show. His legs can also be replaced to place him in a sitting position. Stickers of sweat drops are included to help recreate your favorite scenes from the show!

Tentai Senshi Sunred anime OP

Official Tentai Senshi Sunred anime homepage

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