Petit Jeuness (manufactured by Clayz) is going to release the Baggy Half Stripped Shrine Maiden ( ぶかぶか半脱ぎ巫女少女 ) 1/8 PVC figure from the original illustration by Tenmu Shinryusai. Will be released in June 2011, 10,954 yen.

You can order her here

His/her newest doujinshi in C79

I don’t know who Tenmu is but I know a lot of people are the big fan of this person. Tenmu like miko (shrine maiden) a lot! You can tell it right away when you go to his/her homepage. And seems like Tenmu really likes this little black(?) hair shrine maiden. I’m not 100% sure, but I think the name of this little shrine maiden is “Sakurano Kohime” (桜乃小姫). I found a lot of her illustration on his/her Pixiv (id=1666572). And she is on the cover of his/her newest doujinshi in C79. Yes, she is cute and she is FLAT! XD

This little shrine maiden figure is really $$$ tho. She is just a PVC figure, not GK by Clayz. She is only 1/8, not even 1/6 scale. I really don’t know why she worth over 10,000 yen. I would get her in a heart beat if she is around 6,000 yen. =P

——Description from Manufacturer——

Produced by Clayz

Sculpted based on the original art by Tenmu Shinryusai, who is into miko (shrine maidens).

For both of those who want to be seduced by a half-stripped miko lady or those who like to see a girl feeling a bit unfit trying her big sister’s miko dress on.

Special talisman inserted.

download this wallpaper here (1024×768)

download this wallpaper here (2560×1600)