Bandai is going to release the Chouzoukei Damashii Gurren Lagann ( 超造形魂でグレンラガン ) trading figure from the anime “Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann”. Will be released in May 2010. Total 9 kinds. Each figure around 110mm tall, 650 yen each.

There are 9 different kinds in total but we only have 7 kinds here, the other 2 still haven’t been announced by Bandai yet. I wonder who they are. Maybe the young Yoko and Simon?

  • Yoko Space Look Ver. ( ヨーコ スペースルックVer.)

  • Nia ( ニア)

  • Messenger Nia ( メッセンジャー・ニア)

  • Teacher Yomako ( ヨマコ先生)

  • Simon ( シモン)

  • Kamina A ( カミナ A )

  • Kamina B ( カミナ B )

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